Sonntag, 29. August 2010

Indian Renaissance

I was sceptical. Anxious. Excited. Sitting on a plane, leaving Europe into a direction I had never taken before, I was wondering about the why and what. India! The country of a billion people, a subcontinent for itself, home to Hindus and Muslims and probably one of the most colourful and diverse regions of the world. What had taken the great explorers like Vasco da Gama months and many failed attempts, is now a question of few hours. Isn´t that all too easy?
But when hit by a wave of warm air outside the airport building I felt the anxiety vanishing at once. One year after leaving African soil I have yet another time arrived where I enjoy it most: in the otherness. For one semester I shall study in Bangalore, travel through India and possibly also make it to one or another neighbouring country. Little have I seen of the region so far, but I am certain that countless challenges and surprises will come up along the way so that it will be easy to fill this blog. Navodaya means 'Indian Renaissance', it is a title that can mean many things and that is why I like it. I will try to capture some of the impressions in pictures and writing, not least for myself but also for everyone being interested. Have fun viewing and reading!